Wednesday 30 November 2011

How the New World Order is taking over: Part I

The first video was broadcast by Russian TV. It shows how, having placed disreputable politicians in positions of power in certain countries, and brought politics into disrepute, the next step is to remove all pretence of constitutional rights by replacing politicians with bankers and bureaucrats who will sort out the economy by dispensing with politics altogether. That way, we can all get on with working to maintain the system, machine, call it what you will, without bothering our heads about policies and human rights.

The second link will take you to a video of a talk by Bill Gates, where he prepares the ground for total centralised control over energy. What he says is shot through with lies, illusions and false, unscientific statements that it has to be heard – critically – to be believed. Of course, you can just let it flow over you and accept, as is intended, that sterling measures are necessary to combat the effects of man-made global warming because fuel shortages and high prices impact upon the poor. Measures include massive sums of money to be spent on Research and Development of some alternative form of nuclear energy underground, so that mankind will have enough energy to last as long as the earth lasts. The measures are to be paid for by the people. No mention is made of cutting back on air travel, commuting to work, wars, packaging, production of gimcrack rubbish etc, let alone sane local farming projects.

In due course, we will be tagged to receive an allotment of “carbon currency” non-transferable coupons in a cashless New World Order. The age of total subservience to THE MACHINE is just around the corner.

There is no doubt about it, we are being drawn into reacting to a very well planned agenda. The New World Order is taking control of material resources, so we need to be pro-active.

If we do not want our lives to be controlled by the NWO, we must ourselves take control of our own lives.

That is, we must reclaim our constitutional rights as citizens. These rights include the citizen’s right to counsel, habeas corpus, protection from state coercion, the right to a fair trial and above all, the right to Constitutional Government. The obligation to be coerced into working-for-money is not part of the citizens’ agenda.

Many thanks to a number of individuals for gathering this information.