Saturday 7 August 2021

Doctors for Covid Ethics


The Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium was streamed live on the two evenings of 29\30 July 2021.

Session 1: The False Pandemic

Session 2: The Going Direct Reset

Session 3: First Do No Harm

Session 4: The Hour of Justice

All 4 Sessions can be viewed on UK Column News: .

Over the past 150 years a global economy has evolved to commandeer the resources of the world. Powerful global corporations use the global financial system to dictate the rules across the political, economic and cultural institutions of every country. In the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium doctors, lawyers, journalists, academics, scientists, politicians and leading administrators raise discussion of the resultant muddle that threatens to eliminate humanity. Right across the world we have a series of interlocking institutions that determine how we work together, using the resources of the planet, our physical labour and the accumulated cultural inheritance of humanity. Presently, the institutions of finance determine what is produced, who does the work, and who benefits. It was not always so.

In days gone by we had tribal chiefs, emperors and kings. Although these rulers decided the rules of the game, they could only do so with the full support of the people. The common people knew exactly what was going on, who was to be praised, and who was to be blamed. When things went well the King was obeyed, respected and showered with the good things in life. When things went badly he paid with his life, as a new king earned the respect and support of the people. The quest for the common good prevailed in the long run, because without it rulers and peoples perished. And the people knew it. Today, the president or prime minister of a massive modern state is virtually as powerless as the common people. The financial system, as it evolved historically, enabled the global corporations to control resources and wealth production on an unprecedented scale. We cannot put the clock back, it's true. Equally, if we try to move forward on the present trajectory, we will find there is no future for humanity. As has been said so often over recent decades, we have to find a middle way.

Before industrialisation, and the rule of international finance, the Queen Mother and the King held sway over the resources of the household. Industrial, scientific and technological progress has created a 'brave new world' of slaves. Reared to service the institutions of the global economy, the slaves spend their 'free' time in their households refreshing themselves with food, sleep and entertainments, rearing the next generation of slaves and caring for the sick and elderly who cannot serve the system. The system would collapse overnight if we did not give it our service and reproduce its workforce. With new technologies, however, the system only needs a limited number of us. These can be bred to order, and the rest dispensed with. We, on the other hand, rely upon the global financial system. Without it we could not even feed ourselves, let alone acquire the other basic necessities of life.

The contributors to the Symposium provide a clear picture of the present muddle that dominates right across the political rights sphere, the economic or productive sphere, and the common cultural knowledge and communications sphere. They leave us with many questions that demand answers. To that end, the first step is to take the time to view all four sessions of the Symposium, discuss them with others and take on board any practical suggestions that emerge.

COMMENT: All 4 Sessions of the Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium can be viewed on UK Column News: . See the Yorkshire Education Association material (see previous blogs). See also Understanding the Financial System by Frances Hutchinson and Asses in Clover, by Eimar O'Duffy. Both books available through