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New Year Message

New Year Message: See the Blog for New Year's Eve for Murray McGrath's rhyme entitled "Many Cries of Pain". See also his "Luddites for Life" piece, to be found on the Blog for 7th October 2020. Both are relevant to what follows here.

The Social Control System

The term 'social credit' has been taken quite deliberately from a century-old movement that sought to fight free from the power of the transnational corporations. In the early decades of the 20th century corporate finance was already using the financial system to create war, ecological disaster and poverty amidst plenty, to buy up land, labour and all forms of capital. The Douglas social credit movement and the allied movements of guild socialism, distributism, Henry Georgism, cooperatives and agrarianism sought to counter the power of the corporate world through decentralisation, local businesses and community banking as the means to bring an end to waged and salaried slavery. Although the battle to fight free of corporate finance failed in the twentieth century, the history shines a beacon to the future. For details see Understanding the Financial System and Down to Earth: A Guide to Home Economics.

In a video entitled "Pandemic will end when their digital monetary system is in place", Melissa Ciummei. a financial advisor from Northern Ireland, voices her concern that injections passports are intended to become data passports to control all participation in society. The whole passport system was dreamed up with a view to bringing about a totalitarian world government through a financial reset. The plan is to replace the failing world fiat currency system that is on the verge of collapse with a new central banks digital money system that has complete control over all transactions.

Following Ciummei, we observe that, after the various banking crises, trillions of dollars are now owed to the banks. Since there is no way of paying this money back to the banks, a new financial system becomes necessary. In order to introduce that new system, mandatory vaccination of all citizens, young and old, becomes imperative. The way - the only way - to prevent this new system from being introduced is for all people to refuse to comply. (See video link below)

There are no medical reasons to hold a vaccine passport. Vaccine passports don’t do anything to keep you healthy. On the contrary, all they do is turn you into a trackable data unit. The world--wide elites view humans as data. Whether that data is useful or harmful to the new world depends on whether we line up with their plans or not. Their plans will see the Chinafication of the whole world.

We are transitioning from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Bodies, where every bit of your personal information will be kept inside your bodies. This can then be connected to Artificial Intelligence. We will be chipped, marked like cattle. Most of us won’t complain since it appears to be all for the common good. Human behaviours will be used to further the power of AI by all the while keeping you monitored 24×7. The pandemic will continue until people accept this reality. Once they have done so, the new digital monetary system will track and trace each and every transaction. The old fiat currency system that has operated over many decades will be replaced by one that gives total control to finance. The first stage will be 'social credit' scores with incentives. Then then enforced mandates will follow, on the lines introduced throughout this pandemic.

In summary, the plan is to introduce a cashless society, in which every transaction is made through the central bank digital currency system.

The 'Pandemic' is the excuse to force you to get the vaccine/injection. The injection offers you the vaccine passport. The passport provides you with a 'social credit' score. The social credit score is used to force you to obey the government. The upshot is that the government can now DENY you food, medicine, access housing, travel, work, mortgage, health care, access to public transport, petrol etc... etc....if you do not toe the line, fit the bill or fulfil any useful purpose in the eyes of the centralising elite.

Cryptocurrencies are not the answer. They are not the digital gold that many people think. The enemy of all cryptocurrencies is tracking which is now put up in place. Sooner or later people will have to come out of this illusion. We are at war,and non-compliance is the only answer. As long as you keep paying for your shackles you cannot complain about being kept in the cave.

The very sketchy summary provided here merely introduces the key points. For details, follow any links you can find, and verify them in discussion with others.

The quest for world domination by the financial system of all the real resources of the planet. That is, all land, all knowledge, and all labour is coming under the control of the financial system. Resistance must come through study, informed debate and discussion, and above all non-compliance with the whole injections passports system.

See Understanding the Financial System and Down to Earth for clear explanation of why local communities must rally around local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to retain control over the real resources of land, labour and capital. Both are available for free download on the Douglassocialcredit website. See the FRANCES HUTCHINSON page.

 The Pandemic Will End ... Melissa Ciummei


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