Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Introducing "Understanding Life and Debt" Blog

Introducing the Blog

This blog was originally set up during 2010, but at the time I could see no particular use for it. The Social Credit Secretariat already edits the website and the quarterly journal, The Social Crediter, back numbers of which can be viewed on the same website.  Introducing the work of many talented writers and activists, past and present, these forms of communication are available for consultation whenever the need arises.  There seemed very little point in adding to the mass of blogs, email circulars, discussion groups and other messages sent out more frequently.

Recent discussions indicate that the times are changing. Theologians such as Canon Peter Dominey and Dr. K. R. Bolton inter alios, are writing on money, politics, economics and international affairs, presenting an increasingly perceptive analysis of the fundamental underlying causes of malaise.

Meanwhile, much frantic action is accompanying very ephemeral trains of thought. Far too many people are busy trying to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, deck chairs which are being thrown into disarray as she lurches in her death throes. Millions of man-hours are spent raising money for charity, whilst governments subsidise arms manufacture and the military on a massive scale.  Nestle is now Fair Trade, massive supermarket chains stock organic food, and we are encouraged to work more to produce more to keep the economy going. The terminology may have changed, but the fundamental issues have remained the same since the founding of the Social Credit Secretariat by Clifford Hugh Douglas in the 1930s, and the establishment of The Social Crediter.

We recently received the following messages from subscribers to The Social Crediter:

Dear Editor :
Just to say that this issue of The Social Crediter (Vol. 87/No. 4) was superb. Carbon Credits will indeed replace present currency. The banks who create the money supply do control the economy and the politicians; and the memoirs of the Economic Hit-man are on order as we speak.  
The present Government is working to old established parameters, with a seeming ignorance of the true state of play. Foreign policy is distancing us from the world of reality. What a mess we live in. Governed by incompetent old boys.
Malcolm (Parkin)

Dear Editor:
The matters of Alfred Kinsey, and of carbon credits, and of bolshevism, bankers, New Left, Old Left, LSD, Arab Spring, etc. are placed into historical context in my recent book Revolution from Above, available from the publishers; also from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc:  See
K.R. Bolton

The question is, what can replace the ‘Titanic’, aka the ‘brave new dystopia of rapidly stopping Machine? This Blog seeks to explore the many optimistic signs now emerging with increasing frequency.

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