Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The lessons learned in Argentina in 2001/3

The lessons learned in Argentina in 2001/3 are today being used in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Iceland, the UK and the USA.)

Exactly ten years ago Argentina suffered a full-scale financial and governmental collapse. That was the end-result of over a decade of doing exactly what the IMF, international bankers, rating agencies and global “experts” told us to do. Read on…

All this has been on the cards since the short-lived Alberta Experiment (1935), the full story of which is told in Understanding the Financial System: Social Credit Rediscovered.  
Over the decades of the twentieth century we have been conditioned to think, live and work within a certain paradigm or world view, so that, very much like O’Duffy’s Asses in Clover, we remain absolutely convinced that as long as we work for our masters, our masters will continue to provide us with our keep.
“Don’t think about it,” we bray in unison. “No need to trouble our heads with rational thought… follow the rules, get and spend your money on the mass markets, be entertained by the mass media, - and all will be well.”
Alternative world views date back to Wordsworth’s day. Some, dating from the days of the guild socialists (Ruskin, Morris, Penty et al), can be found at  . Copies of Asses in Clover can be purchased from the same site.

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